Personlig utveckling

Remembering who we are

”Remembering who we are, Laarkmaa’s guidance on healing the human condition” is dedicated to all who have enough love and courage to make the necessary changes for human evolution. The book is written by Laarkmaa, through Pia Smith Orleane & Cullen Baird Smith, acting as Ambassadors, published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House in USA. Laarkmaa is a loving group of interstellar beings, Pleiadians, who define themselves as ”one of six and six of one”, meaning that they have both individual aspects and a unified consciousness.Laarkmaa communicate with Cullen and Pia, heart to heart, through the energy of love, offering their assistance in helping the evolution of humanity, sharing their wisdom about the future of technology, the power of our thoughts and information about who we really are.

This is a wonderful book to read over and over again, to reflect and meditate upon. This book will not solve the world’s problems, give humanity buckets of money or turn sickness into health but will change your perspective and give you answers that will challenge your way of thinking and feeling. Laarkmaa’s loving messages will probably resonate with your heart. Read this book, begin your transformational journey and spread your message of Love and Joy to the world. Good always, as Laarkmaa say.

Have you ever wondered why you are here on Earth and what is the purpose with your life? Some humans struggle all their lives in miserable conditions, get sick, get caught up in poverty or war, are being traumatized by their family or society, get murdered, raped, stoned or die in misery. Others are more fortunate and by avoiding problems and risks they manage to live an uncomplicated life. Is this destiny or karma? Do you believe that there is a reason why you are here, having the experiences you have or the challenges that you are facing? Laarkmaa say that our purpose in life is to love each other and the world, to be Love.

According with Laarkmaa everything is Energy. Everything. And all energy is connected. Our bodies vibrate on a certain energy level and so does all living organisms and Planet Earth. Yes, the Earth is a living organism. We live under the illusion that we are all separated but we are all One and all harm we do to others, including animals, we do to ourselves. That’s why everything is coming back to us so that we understand that the only thing we can do to heal the human condition is by Love: to love everyone and everything, seing everything as a part of yourself. Laarkmaa invite us to think of others as “I’m another yourself”. Challenging, but not impossible.

Why would this group of Pleiadians want to help us and why we should believe them? They say: “don’t believe us, believe only what resonates with your heart”. I know that my heart resonates with their message of love. I believe that their only agenda is to help us heal ourselves and our planet. I wrote about the great message of Love in my last children’s books Paradisfåglarna (Birds of Paradise) and Viktorianäckrosen (Victoria, the Water Lily).

So why can’t we see or feel all that great energy everywhere, the love that floats around, the beauty in everything? Because we don’t pay attention and don’t listen anymore, because we have lost contact with ourselves and with our souls. We have lost the connection with each other and with Mother Nature. We believe that we are so great with our technological development and all achievements. But everything we create separates us even more and the technology we accomplished is really not so great if we compare it with what human minds can achieve. And look around and see all the sickness and unhappiness, the misery, the hatred, the wars and catastrophes that we have caused in the name of religion or for the sake of power and money. Is it worth it? Will this ever stop? No, everything will increase until humanity will learn to stop hearting each other and learn living by their hearts.

We have to learn to heal our condition and get rid of all toxic energies that we have accumulated during thousands of years. We, as a collective soul group have to shift our energy to end up the karma wheel once and for all. It’s our great choice and nobody can do it for us.

Laarkmaa say that everything we think, feel, say, do and experience affects everyone. So imagine yourself living in a world of harmony and peace where you can evolve and cultivate your talents and do what makes you happy, a world where you are accepted, respected and loved for who you are. You don’t have to impress anybody or to prove your worth because you are perfect, loveable and wonderful the way you are. A world there everybody share their gifts and talents with each other, where there is no need for money and institutions, for schools or gurus telling us what to think and for laws telling us what is right and wrong. A world there we are our own masters. In this world we can create whatever we want because our minds and hearts are limitless. We bear the wisdom of the universe in our hearts.

We have to get in contact with our hearts in order to understand who we really are. When we will remember the wisdom of your hearts, we will be able to start healing ourselves. We carry love and light within us but we have forgotten that. We have forgotten who we really are: energy beings of pure love and light.

”Remembering who we are, Laarkmaa’s guidance on healing the human condition” can be purchased on Amazon, Adlibris, Bokus (in Sweden). You might even want to read Laarkmaa’s previous book ”Conversations with Laarkmaa – A Pleiadian View of the New Reality”, also this written by Pia and Cullen and available at Amazon, Adlibris and Bokus. You could also listen to several mediations and audio recordings on the Laarkmaa’s page or visit Laarkmaa on Facebook.